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Instructional excellence at Redfish University-April 23, 2011

Guided Mr. Johnny Johnson, his wife, Melissa and their son, Alex, this morning on a Redfish University instructional trip. Johnny and the family wanted to learn some areas and techniques for redfish and trout in hopes of producing more fish and action on their future angling adventures. Started at 530am and ran to some trout and redfish flats. We threw a variety of baits including topwaters, stickbaits, jerkshads and even the popping cork with Gulp! Shrimp. Found countless speckled trout in the 2-4# range along with some small-medium redfish. Covered tons of water with the Johnsons and even more successful techniques for the inshore species. I was actually able to show them huge amounts of speckled trout and redfish in shallow water that they will no doubt have a lot of fun with. They will no doubt have many outstanding outing in the near future. Finally got them to start setting the hook with some power which will help tons! Few days off, then very busy again next week. Some openings in mid-May so book now at Redfish University. E Holstman Please click an image to...

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Big trout, some redfish and a bonus at Redfish University-April 22, 2011

Guided Jared and his son this morning for some big trout and redfish action. Started at first light and threw some topwaters to produce some nice trout in the 2-4.5# range. Also caught some fish on the Sebile Stick Shadd and Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads. Found lots of bait and mullet milling and there was plenty of fish with them. Primarily targeted speckled trout but had a few nice redfish mixed in. For a bonus, we hooked a big 40# drum in shallow water. A very big fish!! All fish released and hitting it again tomorrow morning. Book now for an epic trip at Redfish University. Please click an image to...

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Day 2- Legal redfish, trout, bull redfish and pompano at Redfish University-April 8, 2011

For Day 2 with Chris and Will Tiller, we started at first light in Santa Rosa Sound for some topwater action for redfish and speckled trout. The topwater bite wasn’t as hot today but we stuck some decent redfish and a few nice trout. Perfect topwater conditions with low-light, light winds and lots of fog. At 830am, we made a slow cruise through the fog to the west where we found some bull redfish laying around on some clear shallow flats. The fog and low light made sight fishing difficult but we trusted the fish were there and caught some nice redfish blindcasting Berkley Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads. For our finale, I took the guys down the beach to find the pompano in the washouts. The pompano were there and we caught some great fish including a 3.5# fish. Missed several but got some great dinner. Tomorrow, we will hit some topwater early in the bay and then hit the beaches again for pompano and redfish. Lots of bookings but a few dates available at Redfish U. so book now! E Holstman Please click an image to...

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Day 1- Challenging but they couldn’t hide for long at Redfish University-April 5, 2011

Guided Mr. Paul Murphy for Day 1 of a two day booking. After last night’s downpours, high winds, erratic pressure, a 30 degree temperature change and today’s blue-bird skies with heavy winds, I figured today was going to be a bit challenging. Fished the northern reaches of the Pensacola Bay system before all the dirty, fresh water entered the bay. Started out at 630am with 20-25 mph winds and very cool conditions. Hit some areas normally full of fish and stuck a few decent trout and small redfish. Made a quick milk-run with similar results. Changed the plan and hit some areas with deeper pockets and dropoffs and eventually found plenty of redfish, even some double hookups in the mix. Right on the bottom and a very slow tapping retrieve was the key. That and some worm rattles which work wonders in stained or dirty water. Found lots of redfish in the 18-25″ range with some nice trout mixed in. A very challenging morning but we figured it out pretty quickly. All fish released and looking forward to a new location in the morning. Trips all week so the reports will keep coming. E Holstman Please click an image to...

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Plenty of redfish and trout at Redfish University-March 1 and 2, 2010

Guided Mr. Jim Lawrence and his son, Jamie, on Tuesday and guided Chris and Missy Simmons this morning. Jim and Jamie really stuck it to the redfish and trout, taking some great fish home for dinner in Destin. Today, Chris and Missy joined me for a very similar trip where both anglers got their share of quality redfish and trout. Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads in camo always do the trick and fish were found on both protective and wind-blown banks. With the water quickly rising, I find it most productive to skirt the banks very closely, casting outward to redfish approaching the grass and root-filled bottom. Blindcasting and sight fishing were both successful techniques. The couple took a few quality trout and some mid-sized redfish home for dinner. Lots of trips booked so plan accordingly anglers!! E...

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