Guided Mr. Johnny Johnson, his wife, Melissa and their son, Alex, this morning on a Redfish University instructional trip. Johnny and the family wanted to learn some areas and techniques for redfish and trout in hopes of producing more fish and action on their future angling adventures. Started at 530am and ran to some trout and redfish flats. We threw a variety of baits including topwaters, stickbaits, jerkshads and even the popping cork with Gulp! Shrimp. Found countless speckled trout in the 2-4# range along with some small-medium redfish. Covered tons of water with the Johnsons and even more successful techniques for the inshore species. I was actually able to show them huge amounts of speckled trout and redfish in shallow water that they will no doubt have a lot of fun with. They will no doubt have many outstanding outing in the near future. Finally got them to start setting the hook with some power which will help tons! Few days off, then very busy again next week. Some openings in mid-May so book now at Redfish University. E Holstman

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