Guided Mr. Paul Murphy for Day 1 of a two day booking. After last night’s downpours, high winds, erratic pressure, a 30 degree temperature change and today’s blue-bird skies with heavy winds, I figured today was going to be a bit challenging. Fished the northern reaches of the Pensacola Bay system before all the dirty, fresh water entered the bay. Started out at 630am with 20-25 mph winds and very cool conditions. Hit some areas normally full of fish and stuck a few decent trout and small redfish. Made a quick milk-run with similar results. Changed the plan and hit some areas with deeper pockets and dropoffs and eventually found plenty of redfish, even some double hookups in the mix. Right on the bottom and a very slow tapping retrieve was the key. That and some worm rattles which work wonders in stained or dirty water. Found lots of redfish in the 18-25″ range with some nice trout mixed in. A very challenging morning but we figured it out pretty quickly. All fish released and looking forward to a new location in the morning. Trips all week so the reports will keep coming. E Holstman

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