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Plenty of redfish at Redfish University-September 14, 2010

Guided Mr. Chris Vail and Mr. Randy Hamilton this morning for some shallow water redfish and speckled trout. Met at the ramp at 530am and raced to some productive areas to the east. Started with topwaters and never changed baits all morning. Today, unlike yesterday, the bite was very steady and very often. We actually got more redfish than speckled trout which is highly unusual in these specific areas.  Found several redfish between 22-27″ all over the place(dropped 4-5 after hookup or near the boat(topwaters) and we produced some unbelievable surface strikes. You know how you see them wake like a torpedo and pound the living crap out of the bait? Like that. The guys also found some quality speckled trout in the same area but the real draw in this area is the redfish. Bad decision yesterday, great decision today regarding areas to fish. Doesn’t happen often but will happen nonetheless even with designated prefishing days! Most fish released but three perfect redfish made it in the cooler for the grill. Please click an image to enlarge and view...

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Very slow day at Redfish University-September 13, 2010

Guided Mr. Mitch Smith and friend David this morning in Pensacola Bay. Cool north breeze at 15-20, high pressure and clear skies were a concern but a positive outlook was the attitude this morning.  Left the ramp at 530am and entered a very choppy bay. Got some face-spray for the first three miles then found the protected water. Launched the topwaters and found the trout and redfish very sluggish and biting short. We put quite a few trout on the boat and had some big redfish blowups but nothing found the hooks. Ran to some very, very shallow water and found some redfish milling around. Stuck a few small fish and took off to find the 25-35″ redfish that were plentiful last week. Nowhere to be found! No bait and huge current. Returned to the marshy banks and stuck a few more small-medium redfish with one very nice one dropping the hook. We also got a few flounder and saw quite a few trails. All in all, a very disappointing day and well below Redfish University standards. We did catch some fish and had some opportunities but nevertheless, a very deeply discounted rate was granted in hopes of a much more success trip next time. All fish released and taken on Johnson Gold Spoons, Gulp! Ghost Shrimp and topwaters. Please click an image to enlarge and view...

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Lots of Redfish and Trout at Redfish University-September 10, 2010

Full week of guiding and ready for a quiet weekend. Then back at it everyday next week as well. Guided Mr. Wayne Hughes and Jamison this morning for some early morning topwater speckled trout action and then some sight fishing for redfish. Left the ramp at 530am and ran way east to some very productive trout and redfish banks. The fish were much more active this morning on a quick falling tide and we had a great morning of nice speckled trout and redfish topwater explosions. Threw a few quality trout in the well and took off to find the redfish. It didn’t take long to boat several redfish between 24-35″. Found a large school of fish and at some points we all had redfish coming to the boat. These fish were concentrating around bait in 4-6′ of water and were readily taking Gulp! Jerkshads and Johnson Gold Spoons. The guys kept some fish to eat for dinner and we were off the water by 1000am. Packed schedule for the next few weeks at Redfish University but there are a few dates available the last week of September and also some in October. Book now to secure a spot and experience Redfish University!! Please click an image to enlarge and view...

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Redfish and Trout on the neap at Redfish University-September 9, 2010

Guided Mr. Ferd Saloman and Chris Saloman this morning in search of redfish and speckled trout. Fishing on the neap tides the last few months have made very little difference in fish production and today was no exception. Started at first light with some topwaters in shallow water. The redfish and trout were a bit sluggish with lots of chasers and short bites but several quality speckled trout and redfish found the hooks. Surprisely, it was the trout that were most uncooperate on some banks that normally produce 20-30 fish in a very short timeframe. Made some good decisions to fish a little deeper water around bait to find some great redfish between 25-31″. We also found some sharks at the end of the morning which were alot of fun to fight and rounded the trip out nicely. Redfish and trout were taken on Gulp! Jerkshads in camo, Johnson Gold Spoons and small Skitterwalks. Most fish release with some trout and redfish taken for dinner. Please click an image to enlarge and view...

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Another “Five Hour Tour” at Redfish University-September 8, 2010

Guided Mr. Daniel Stevenson this morning on a  tour of Pensacola Bay. Daniel really wanted to get a handle on the redfish and speckled trout fishing in the Pensacola area and especially some productive areas in the Fall and Winter months. Departed the ramp at 600am and travelled all over Escambia, Pensacola, East and Blackwater Bay(river) where Redfish University finds large amounts of redfish and trout from now until the Spring. Stopped and fished some areas, then stopped and talked about some areas that will continue to get better as the weather cools. We caught redfish and trout pretty much every spot including some surprise fish in some areas far to the north. Seems they’ve already started populating some cold weather areas. At the end of the trip, I provided Daniel with twenty pages of great literature describing the areas we covered, baits to use, tides to fishing and overall choices in tackle. Great trip and lots of informative fishing talk! Daniel’s ready to go!! Instructional trips and tours of Pensacola Bay are incredibly valuable to inshore anglers and their future angling success. Sounds like a great Christmas gift! Book now to get a spot and experience Redfish...

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