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Pensacola Bull Redfish

Pensacola Bull Redfish We’re still finding great numbers of redfish in Pensacola Bay, Santa Rosa Sound and along our beaches. As the water clears and our tides straighten out, the speckled trout, legal redfish and pompano fishing will be excellent. Book...

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Pensacola Fishing Charters at Redfish University (Winter 2015-16)

Pensacola Fishing Charters at Redfish University (Winter 2015-16) Great Winter fishing at Redfish University with big numbers of redfish, speckled trout and stripers to the north for anglers looking to catch fish to eat. Also, the bull redfish are in good numbers along the beach and our clear water shoals and bars throughout Pensacola Bay. This is an excellent opportunity for sight fishing....

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Bay tour and some catching at Redfish University-May 26, 2011

Guided Nick Terrell this morning for a tour of Pensacola, Escambia, Blackwater and East Bays. Started around 530am in windy and slow water conditions. A great day to just show Nick some great areas but we were also interested in testing some areas for fish numbers so that he’d be comfortable returning to fish some areas in much better conditions. The fish proved to be a little sluggish but wind right baits, positioning and techniques, plenty of speckled trout of all sizes and even some nice redfish were found and landed. Mullet and bait were difficult to find today with the snail paced tides but found enough to target the trout and redfish inside these schools. With slow water movement like we had today, it is important to concentrate in areas with a cross-wind or even wind blown banks where the water movement is actually enhanced by the wind. If we had a calm wind this morning, things may have been pretty difficult so the wind isn’t always the enemy. We tossed some Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads and Shrimp with Woody’s rattles to produce our fish in various locations. Also, staying outside the dirty water lines on the banks was the key to finding more fish. Fun day of fishing and showing a new resident our fantastic fishery. E...

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Big trout, some redfish and a bonus at Redfish University-April 22, 2011

Guided Jared and his son this morning for some big trout and redfish action. Started at first light and threw some topwaters to produce some nice trout in the 2-4.5# range. Also caught some fish on the Sebile Stick Shadd and Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads. Found lots of bait and mullet milling and there was plenty of fish with them. Primarily targeted speckled trout but had a few nice redfish mixed in. For a bonus, we hooked a big 40# drum in shallow water. A very big fish!! All fish released and hitting it again tomorrow morning. Book now for an epic trip at Redfish University. Please click an image to...

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High winds, neap tide but pretty good day at Redfish University-April 15, 2011

Guided siblings Judy and Art today for some redfish and speckled trout action in Pensacola Bay. I was forced to fish some areas a little early in the year where I know there are plenty of fish but it definitely took some creativity to draw the strikes on a day like today. Lots of wind and a neap tide narrowed our areas this morning but we really landed on some great concentrations of both species. Started at 600am and ran to some shallow sand flats and immediately found some very nice trout in the 2-4# to start the morning. Travelled to a less protected bank with two foot rollers and caught some more quality trout. Back to the protected banks to look for redfish and we found plenty but they proved to be pretty difficult with only me landing a few in the 22-25″ range with well-placed Gulp! 3″ Shrimp. Thinking the fish would respond better around some protected and structure, we hit an area with both and got into some very nice 26-31″ redfish that were very happy to take Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads. Around 10am, conditions became very tough but we found groups of redfish in the 22-25″ range in shallow water that would fall for the deadstick game with Gulp! 3″ Shrimp and landed plenty more. Overall, a pretty difficult morning but we made the right adjustments to make them bite. All fish released. Passed on this weekends trip and back next Monday-Saturday with a full slate. E Holstman Please click an image to...

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