Guided siblings Judy and Art today for some redfish and speckled trout action in Pensacola Bay. I was forced to fish some areas a little early in the year where I know there are plenty of fish but it definitely took some creativity to draw the strikes on a day like today. Lots of wind and a neap tide narrowed our areas this morning but we really landed on some great concentrations of both species. Started at 600am and ran to some shallow sand flats and immediately found some very nice trout in the 2-4# to start the morning. Travelled to a less protected bank with two foot rollers and caught some more quality trout. Back to the protected banks to look for redfish and we found plenty but they proved to be pretty difficult with only me landing a few in the 22-25″ range with well-placed Gulp! 3″ Shrimp. Thinking the fish would respond better around some protected and structure, we hit an area with both and got into some very nice 26-31″ redfish that were very happy to take Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads. Around 10am, conditions became very tough but we found groups of redfish in the 22-25″ range in shallow water that would fall for the deadstick game with Gulp! 3″ Shrimp and landed plenty more. Overall, a pretty difficult morning but we made the right adjustments to make them bite. All fish released. Passed on this weekends trip and back next Monday-Saturday with a full slate. E Holstman

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