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Day 1 of a 4 day adventure at Redfish University-November 8, 2010

Guided Brian and Brett Enabnit of Atlanta this morning for Day 1 of a 4 day adventure along the NW Florida Gulf Coast. Today we decided to target redfish of all sizes. Started early and ran to Pensacola Pass and the beaches to look for large redfish. Found some birds and bait but nothing around them. Looked around for an hour and decided to make a long run back to the upper Pensacola Bay system to find the legal redfish in shallow water. It didn’t take long before we found our targets in big numbers. Low, clear water made things pretty easy for us see them and they cooperated well. Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads and 1/4oz. Johnson Gold Spoons took all the fish including a nice striped bass. The guys kept some for the grill and we’ll be travelling east to Destin tomorrow morning for Day 2. Book now to experience Redfish University! Please click an image to enlarge and view slideshow....

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Day 2 IFA Redfish anglers at Redfish University-November 4, 2010

Today was Day 2 with the IFA Redfish Tour anglers. Again, teams and locations are obviously kept confidential with tournament anglers at Redfish University. Fair is is business. We decided to fish today(Thursday) since yesterday was so rainy. Cloud cover this morning and high winds made fishing very difficult again but we fished smartly and found plenty of fish before the front blew in. Very tricky conditions, I must say and unfortunately, it will get even more difficult. Stuck some quality fish in shallow water as well as deeper structure. In some areas, we found both slot and oversized redfish which is a great formula for success. Tournament begins tomorrow and I know the guys will do very well and have some heavy weights. A very enjoyable two days of fishing except for the high winds and seas. Good luck, fellas!! Book now to experience the wonder of Redfish...

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Redfish and Flounder before the deluge at Redfish University-October 28, 2010

Guided Gene and Tina Hunter this morning for some redfish, flounder and speckled trout action in hopes of packing the cooler with fresh fish. It was Redfish U’s intent to make a valiant effort to follow my friend Matt’s stellar performance on yesterday’ trip with Gene and Tina, a tremendous bay trip of grouper, snapper and big redfish! It seems we just couldn’t catch a break with the weather this week with Monday’s strong winds and this morning’s downpour, lightning and hard northwest winds. Our plan was to return to the site of yesterday’s epic inshore trip where we conquered over 30 redfish, big flounder and plenty of trout. Made the run west in pretty nice conditions with darker skies to the north. Radar indicated that clouds were moving from the southwest to the northeast but as we all know, things can change very quickly. Arrived in the area and started fishing. Wham! Big flounder on the second cast, a redfish immediately after that and plenty of bait and strikes in the next few minutes. Then the rain and wind hit us making it very difficult and with some thunder coming in, we decided to run back. A very disappointing morning especially since the fish were biting as well as they did yesterday. Perhaps next time Gene and Tina are in Pensacola we’ll have much better weather but at least they had a great day of catching fish one day prior! Book now to experience Redfish University. Please click an image to enlarge and view...

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Redfish University on a Saturday morning!-October 23, 2010

Redfish University NEVER guides on the weekends but for Redfish U. VIP’s, we make exceptions. Guided Dr. Edwin Yee, his son Jordan and friend Andy this morning in some northern areas of the bay system to find some redfish and speckled trout as well as to introduce them to some new areas to them that will be very, very productive in the coming weeks. Launched Edwin’s beautiful 22 Pathfinder/F150 Yamaha at first light and got to work. Full moon, high pressure, low/dead water made things difficult but not impossible. There was a real lack of mullet this morning but we found some redfish hanging on muddy banks to draw some topwater strikes. Very uncooperative fish today with only a few fish caught but we had some great strikes as well. With total home renovation in the process at the Holstman residence, I departed a little early to meet the interior designer and theater room specialist, and sent the crew a bit further south where I hear they found a few more redfish. Hopefully, this trip was extremely productive in a few other ways (locations, techniques and bait selections) because there wasn’t much rod bending this morning. The guys are still out there as I write so maybe as the water begins to move, things will improve. All fish released. Lots of trips again next week(full in fact) so look for more reports soon. Book now to experience the absolute best in inshore angling with Redfish...

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Back to Destin for Redfish University-October 22, 2010

Many anglers have found yesterday’s report from Destin visually stimulating. As a result, it looks like Redfish University will be spending quite a bit of time in Destin in the near future. Did a little overtime today so this afternoon’s guide trip in Pensacola was postponed until next week. Guided Mr. Shane Johnson and his mom, Mrs. Johnson, this morning over in Destin, FL. Both were looking for some inshore tips and techniques for redfish and trout. Started with topwaters and Gulp! Jerkshads in camo early in the morning and found the redfish and trout very, very difficult. We picked up some trout but nothing great. Visited some local bayous but it was really off. Good news was that we could go hit the big redfish early. Found the same groups of oversized fish as the day before and caught fish between 15-28.5#. Mrs. Johnson’s largest fish previous to this trip was a 20# salmon. Needless to say, she smashed that record many times over and won the “chicken dinner” with the 28.5# massive redfish. Worth mentioning is how impressed I was with Mrs. Johnson’s casting, retrieving technique and fish fighting ability. This young lady really knew her stuff and was really fun to fish with!! Anyway, we were able to sight fish most of these huge redfish in less than 5 feet of water and even blindcast a few with some exciting pursuits in the mix. Naturally, the 4″ Gulp! Shrimp in lime tiger gets the job done everytime. The Gulp! in combination with the Marsh Works Bull Red jigheads is a great bait for these fish. Haven’t straighted a Marsh Work bait yet but oh! do we try!! All fish released. Book now to experience the thrill of Redfish University. Please click an image to enlarge and view...

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