Guided Brian and Brett Enabnit of Atlanta this morning for Day 1 of a 4 day adventure along the NW Florida Gulf Coast. Today we decided to target redfish of all sizes. Started early and ran to Pensacola Pass and the beaches to look for large redfish. Found some birds and bait but nothing around them. Looked around for an hour and decided to make a long run back to the upper Pensacola Bay system to find the legal redfish in shallow water. It didn’t take long before we found our targets in big numbers. Low, clear water made things pretty easy for us see them and they cooperated well. Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads and 1/4oz. Johnson Gold Spoons took all the fish including a nice striped bass. The guys kept some for the grill and we’ll be travelling east to Destin tomorrow morning for Day 2. Book now to experience Redfish University!

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