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A tour of Escambia Bay, East Bay and Santa Rosa Sound at Redfish University-May 3, 2011

Guided new Pensacola resident, Wendell Thompson, this morning for a thorough tour of our inshore waters. Wendell is a great bass fisherman and contacted Redfish University to introduce him to some of it’s very productive areas for redfish and speckled trout where he could use some similar bass fishing techniques to score great numbers of these popular inshore species. I decided to bring some rods and test each area with a 5-6 casts with Wendell just to make sure he was satisified with each area.  Started at 600am with maps, a Sharpie and notebook in hand. Cruised over to Escambia Bay and East Bay stopping at various areas. At each area, we spent a few minutes discussing, in detail, weather conditions, tide conditions, winds, water clarity and amounts of bait/mullet. Made a few casts, caught a few redfish and trout and then moved on. *In today’s windy conditions and sometimes off-colored water, the Gulp! Jerkshads with plastic worm rattles worked great and even some topwater baits got some attention.* Around 900am, we trailered over to Santa Rosa Sound where we covered some great areas on the north and south side between Tiger Point and Navarre Beach. These areas are great because we were able to see lots of redfish and trout in the shallows, over sand and everywhere else. *In these areas, we used 1/4oz. Johnson Gold Spoons and Gulp! Jerkshads weedless in camo for the redfish and Gulp! 3″ Shrimp in camo over the deeper holes of the speckled trout.* It really made no difference between protected and wind-blown banks. In fact, the wind-blown were a little better. Wendell got some great coverage today and learned a ton about our inshore fishery. There’s no doubt he will be extremely successful in the very near future(like tomorrow!.) Covered almost 60 miles of water today and burned 12.7 gals of fuel. I love the Yamaha VMax SHO 250. Back to regular Redfish U. fishing trips the rest of the week so look for more great reports to follow. E...

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Redfish and trout in the holes at Redfish University-April 28, 2011

This will be a VERY informative report today. Great advice for targeting redfish during the last few day’s weather patterns. With very, very high winds yesterday, I chose to postpone yesterday’s Redfish University trip until next week. Today looked better and ends a very long string of Redfish University trips in a row. I think we fished every day available for 17 days straight. Thats busy!! Today, I guided Keith Jones and Cullum Miller for some of the same fantastic redfish and trout action from Tuesday. Now, Tuesday was very different with high winds from the south, falling pressure and great water movement.  Today, we had north winds, rising pressure and very little water movement. In fact, it’s a neap tide. We didn’t target the banks or ends of docks like we did so successfully on Tuesday. Instead, knowing the same fish would move out and over sand holes in water between 4-8′ in depth, we rolled 1/4oz. Johnson Gold Spoons and Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads over large flats with said bottom. They were definitely there, both nice trout and medium redfish were very happy to take our baits. We scaled down to 12# Stren Tinted fluoro in Gunsmoke and really concentrated on slowing down and fishing these sand spots thoroughly. Got lots of trout and some decent redfish. All fish released. Taking a short vacation out of town for the next few three days and then back to a full slate of trips at Redfish University next week and beyond. Brought camera, battery dead, so we got a few shots with Cullum’s iPhone. E Holstman Please click an image to...

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Another stellar morning of fat redfish and trout at Redfish University-April 25, 2011

Big winds and big fish! Guided Johnny Middleton and Mee Eun Kim of the world famous Trans-Siberian Orchestra this morning.  Johnny is a bassist in the band from St. Petersburg and Mee Eun is a keyboardist from Germany. Prior to there performance tomorrow night at the Pensacola Civic Center, the artists wanted to get in some shallow water inshore fishing. These guys really caught on to the artificial bait techniques and absolutely smashed the fish today. I wish we were fishing a large, big money redfish event today because according to my calculations, Johnny and Mee Eun produced 14.25-14.5# today with several 13-14#’s duos. Oh well. Started at first light in the bay and threw Sebile Bongas at some hungry trout on sand bottom banks. Got several nice speckled trout in the 1.5-4# range but found very little mullet and very little redfish. At 8am, we trailered the Hewes 21 Redfisher and went to Santa Rosa Sound. Ran way east and found vast amounts of redfish in the 24-28″ range that just loved Johnson 1/4oz. Gold Spoons slow-rolled in 3-5′ of water. The key was targeting areas just outside small schools of large mullet. Mee Eun also picked off a very nice 4.5# speckled trout in shallow water. Two firsts for Mee Eun, redfish and trout, but even better were that they were 7.25# and 4.5# respectively. Looking forward to watching them perform tomorrow evening for the “Beethoven’s Last Night” and having some cocktails afterwards. All fish released. Book now to experience the absolute best in shallow water angling at Redfish University. Hurry. E Holstman Please click an image to...

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Windy, dirty water and some tricks at Redfish University-April 25, 2011

Windy, dirty water and some tricks at Redfish University-April 25, 2011 Guided Ken Browning this morning for a quick redfish and speckled trout trip. Started at first light and threw some topwaters on a protected flat. Lots of a quality trout including a 6# beast that fell near the boat. Only a few medium redfish on that pass but we made up for it later. Travelled further east and used Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads with plastic Woodys worm rattles in rough, dirty water to really catch some nice redfish and some decent trout. Fished some structure on the way back and got some more small redfish. The worm rattles came in handy today and really made the difference in difficult conditions. The redfish and trout are much more plentiful in the bay than the Sound. Hint. hint. At it again tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon for the dreaded double booking. No photos, forgot camera. E...

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Instructional excellence at Redfish University-April 23, 2011

Guided Mr. Johnny Johnson, his wife, Melissa and their son, Alex, this morning on a Redfish University instructional trip. Johnny and the family wanted to learn some areas and techniques for redfish and trout in hopes of producing more fish and action on their future angling adventures. Started at 530am and ran to some trout and redfish flats. We threw a variety of baits including topwaters, stickbaits, jerkshads and even the popping cork with Gulp! Shrimp. Found countless speckled trout in the 2-4# range along with some small-medium redfish. Covered tons of water with the Johnsons and even more successful techniques for the inshore species. I was actually able to show them huge amounts of speckled trout and redfish in shallow water that they will no doubt have a lot of fun with. They will no doubt have many outstanding outing in the near future. Finally got them to start setting the hook with some power which will help tons! Few days off, then very busy again next week. Some openings in mid-May so book now at Redfish University. E Holstman Please click an image to...

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