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A plethora of redfish at Redfish University-September 21, 2010

Guided Mark and Cindy Welch this morning. Mark does some redfishing over in Louisiana with my friend, Anthony Randazzo, at Paradise Plus in Venice and wanted to catch lots of redfish today. Obviously, the LA marsh is far superior to our local redfish fishery but I had some ideas on where we could catch a ton of redfish. We caught a ton of redfish today! Started out early with topwater baits and found redfish and trout very cooperative. Around 800am, we made a very long run @ 70mph to an area that has huge concentrations of quality redfish that just love small Johnson Gold Spoons. Lots of double hookup with groups of 10-20 redfish cruising the banks and chasing down spoons from unheard of distances. Many times four or five fish would almost bump into each other competing for the bait. Good eyes, long casts and slow-rolling were the key as always. Didn’t keep count but 30-40 is a safe guess. A few 26-27″ fish rode with us during the morning only to be released at the end after the Welch’s decided not to take any home. Great day and fun folks to fish with. Book now to experience Redfish University. Please click an image to enlarge and view...

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Awesome morning of Redfish, Speckled Trout and more at Redfish University-September 17, 2010

Another full week of guiding trips has come to an end and I’m ready for another quiet weekend! Guided Lloyd and Malanae Taylor this morning for some redfish and trout action. The plan was to catch a bunch of fish to be prepared at Aegean Breeze this evening. Started at first-light with some topwater action and really got into some nice trout. Switch over to some sub-surface baits and they produced even more. Malanae was the big winner with the trout and even found a big lost Spanish mackerel in the mix.  Travelled a short distance to find some big redfish on a flat and Malanae stuck the first monster and it was game on. She got the 17# fish to the boat with a huge grin on her face. Caught a few more redfish and took off to get some redfish to eat. We quickly found plenty of redfish to take Johnson Gold Spoons sight fished and blindcast. These fish are very easy to catch when you see them as it seems they receive zero pressure and are very comfortable. Most fish released and some will be blackened and Aegean-style over at Aegean Breeze this evening. Book now to experience Redfish University! E Holstman Please click an image to enlarge and view...

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Great morning of Redfish, Trout and Flounder at Redfish University-September 15, 2010

Guided long-time client and one of my favorite anglers to fish with, Mr. Bob Willice, this morning. Hit the water very early and actually had about 15 minutes to wait once we arrived at our area due to darkness and one small rain shower. Started launching topwaters at first light and produced quite a few speckled trout of all sizes. We had some big redfish blowups but no hookups. That’s okay, we knew what to do! Found the large schools of mullet and bait and began to stick very good quality redfish in the 23-27″ range. Great looking orange, fat fish. Very slow-rolled 1/4oz. Johnson Gold Spoons were the bait of choice with all the loose grass on the surface and they performed nicely. Took off and fished some sand and grass mix to grab some more quality redfish. They were pretty aggressive all morning. Total: 15 great Redfish(23-27″), lots of trout, a grouper and a flounder. All fish released including the two beasts in the livewell back at the ramp. Please click an image to enlarge and view...

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Plenty of redfish at Redfish University-September 14, 2010

Guided Mr. Chris Vail and Mr. Randy Hamilton this morning for some shallow water redfish and speckled trout. Met at the ramp at 530am and raced to some productive areas to the east. Started with topwaters and never changed baits all morning. Today, unlike yesterday, the bite was very steady and very often. We actually got more redfish than speckled trout which is highly unusual in these specific areas.  Found several redfish between 22-27″ all over the place(dropped 4-5 after hookup or near the boat(topwaters) and we produced some unbelievable surface strikes. You know how you see them wake like a torpedo and pound the living crap out of the bait? Like that. The guys also found some quality speckled trout in the same area but the real draw in this area is the redfish. Bad decision yesterday, great decision today regarding areas to fish. Doesn’t happen often but will happen nonetheless even with designated prefishing days! Most fish released but three perfect redfish made it in the cooler for the grill. Please click an image to enlarge and view...

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A tour of Pensacola Bay at Redfish University-August 30, 2010

Guided Mr. Bill Hamsberg this morning. Bill is a new resident here in Pensacola and asked me show him some very productive fishing areas in Pensacola Bay. Started out at 530am and ran to some shallow banks to catch some redfish and speckled trout. Caught 20+ trout and 4 redfish and continued on. We cruised Pensacola Bay, Escambia Bay, Blackwater Bay, East Bay and the mouth of Blackwater River stopping to fish areas for 10 minutes at a time. Most areas held lots of speckled trout, redfish and a few flounder and the areas that didn’t will be very good in the Fall and Winter months. Bill is going to be very, very happy he hired me to show him the area for many years to come!! This type of trip at Redfish University is the absolute best way to learn our local inshore fishery and consistently catch fish for years to come. See you soon, E...

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