Guided Mark and Cindy Welch this morning. Mark does some redfishing over in Louisiana with my friend, Anthony Randazzo, at Paradise Plus in Venice and wanted to catch lots of redfish today. Obviously, the LA marsh is far superior to our local redfish fishery but I had some ideas on where we could catch a ton of redfish. We caught a ton of redfish today! Started out early with topwater baits and found redfish and trout very cooperative. Around 800am, we made a very long run @ 70mph to an area that has huge concentrations of quality redfish that just love small Johnson Gold Spoons. Lots of double hookup with groups of 10-20 redfish cruising the banks and chasing down spoons from unheard of distances. Many times four or five fish would almost bump into each other competing for the bait. Good eyes, long casts and slow-rolling were the key as always. Didn’t keep count but 30-40 is a safe guess. A few 26-27″ fish rode with us during the morning only to be released at the end after the Welch’s decided not to take any home. Great day and fun folks to fish with. Book now to experience Redfish University.

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