Guided Mr. Bill Hamsberg this morning. Bill is a new resident here in Pensacola and asked me show him some very productive fishing areas in Pensacola Bay. Started out at 530am and ran to some shallow banks to catch some redfish and speckled trout. Caught 20+ trout and 4 redfish and continued on. We cruised Pensacola Bay, Escambia Bay, Blackwater Bay, East Bay and the mouth of Blackwater River stopping to fish areas for 10 minutes at a time. Most areas held lots of speckled trout, redfish and a few flounder and the areas that didn’t will be very good in the Fall and Winter months. Bill is going to be very, very happy he hired me to show him the area for many years to come!! This type of trip at Redfish University is the absolute best way to learn our local inshore fishery and consistently catch fish for years to come. See you soon, E Holstman