Hello everyone. The new Yamaha Vmax 250 SHO was mounted on my 2009 Hewes 21 Redfisher about a month ago. The engine currently has 21 hours on it and I wanted to provide a short report of my experience and the performance of the Yamaha 250 SHO. This engine has surpassed all expectations! 71 mph, incredible out of the hole, outstanding mid-range power and acceleration, quiet, reliable and 80# lighter than the F225! The SHO is the perfect engine. Although I will rarely hit 71mph, it is nice to know that I can out-run storms, reel-in most boats in tournament settings and provide my clients with better range and more fishing time. Not to mention, the SHO cruises at 48-55mph under very little strain and sips fuel at 3.2-4.0 mpg. The Yamaha SHO is beautifully matched with the Yamaha Vmax Series 25TI 15 1/8 prop. For everyone interested in testing the Yamaha SHO, please visit Peter and Pete, Jr. at The Ship’s Chandler in Destin, FL. If I am in the area, I will be very happy to give you a test ride on my boat. Thanks again and here are a few photos.

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