Guided Tim Haney, Yamaha saltwater promotions coordinator, and Adam  this morning. Our first choice was to rocket out to the beaches and do some sightfishing for pompano and redfish and then go stick some over-sized redfish nearshore and inshore. The 15-20mph winds from the east scratched that out for us but that is our plan tomorrow. We decided to trailer up to Blackwater and do some shallow water fishing for redfish and trout. Thankfully, it was much better up there than yesterday. We had lots of action with medium-sized redfish and some very nice trout, including a 3# fish. All fish caught on Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads in camo rigged with Marsh Works 1/4oz. Bull Red jigheads in assorted colors with worm rattle inserts. All fish released. Looking forward to seeing and sticking some pompano tomorrow and pulling on some big, dumb redfish!!

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