Guided Mr. and Mrs. Barry James this morning and we were met with EXTREMELY windy and dirty water conditions. Rattle inserts and boat positioning were the name of the game in these very difficult, but not impossible, conditions. Started out with some nice legal trout(12-15) on some dropoffs and then targeted some redfish on some shallow water flats.  Since we were fishing in whitecap conditions, the Power-Pole really came in handy as we methodically covered water that is known to hold redfish in any situation. Ended up sticking 10-12 small fish and kept one nice fish for the grill. All fish caught on Gulp! Jerkshads in camo with rattle inserts rigged with 1/4oz. Marsh Works Bull Red jigheads. 10# Ultracast InvisiBraid performs incredibly, especially in these conditions. Sensitivity and zero wind-knots!!

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