Guided Dr. Roger Orth and Dr. Wayne Adkisson this morning.  Both anglers wanted to learn some shallow water redfish and trout techniques for winter and spring-time fishing. Met with very cold, strong WNW winds and very difficult water conditions due to the endless, recent rains. Concentrated on protected, shallow banks that held better water clarity. Found plenty of redfish resting in 1-3′ of water and focused on muddy blowouts to target these difficult fish. As always, a slow tap-tap retrieve and a worm rattle produced the strikes on the Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads in camo. We also stuck some quality trout in the same areas. Find the calm, less stained water and you’ll find the fish! Overall, a pretty difficult day but I believe we found the greatest concentrations of fish and most importantly, caught some very finicky wintertime redfish. All fish released except for two redfish for dinner.