Guided Mr. Ken Glasser and friend Bob this morning. Hit the water at 515am and hit the topwater trout and redfish. Lots of great action this morning with multiple acrobatic strikes and some large fish that didn’t find the hooks. Switched over to Gulp! Jerkshads around 800am and caught several more nice trout and some redfish that made it to the pilings. At 9am, we decided to run towards the beach in search of pompano and redfish. Fished for an hour with no pompano and zero redfish spotted. Not even the ladyfish were very active on the normally productive incoming tide. Made a quick decision and blasted off to some very clear flats in the Sound. It’s nice having a boat that will hit 70mph. Stuck a few decent redfish there and a few others missed. Ended with some sightfishing around some of the most uncooperative redfish and trout I’ve ever seen, but did catch a few redfish and trout in the end. Awesome  early morning and a very difficult late morning. Ken and Bob kept a few speckled trout for dinner.