Another way Redfish University separates itself and rises above the rest is through extensive preparation. Redfish University makes a huge effort to provide it’s clients with the best possible chance of catching excellent numbers of redfish. This means prefishing, and this Sunday and Monday were no exception. Weekly, these two days are designated to allow Redfish University to locate the largest numbers of redfish possible to insure its clients receive the highest quality experience possible. Redfish University is an instructional guide service and, for the most part, it’s curriculum will remain seasonally constant and will provide its clients with the absolute best knowledge and techniques available. The one variable that continues to change and, will forever be unpredictable, are wind, weather, tides, temperatures, etc. This is where Redfish University rises above the rest and places its clients on the most fish, everytime.

The last few days of prefishing proved that there are decent concentrations of fish in very few places. Last week, I am very confident that the areas we covered were the most populated areas with the most cooperative fish. We know where we will be this week and we also know where we won’t be. These were productive days.

See everyone soon. Eric Holstman