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Big Trout, medium redfish at Redfish University-June 21, 2010

Guided Mr. Chuck Barousse and his son this morning. Started out at 515am and ran to some great topwater areas. Started getting big strikes immediately but very few actual hookups. Chuck dropped a very large speckled trout about halfway to the boat and boated a few more medium fish. Traveled to a distant bank and fished slicks with Berkley Gulp! Jerkshads. Boated several quality(3-5#) trout with a few redfish mixed in. It really made up for all the short strikes on topwater early. Poked around to some other good areas and found a few more decent trout and some small redfish. All fish released except for a few trout and redfish for the grill. Please click an image to enlarge and view...

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Back from Dusseldorf and Lisbon, Portugal and ready to fish!!-Aug 11, 2009

Just returned from Dusseldorf and Lisbon, Portugal where Tracy and I got engaged. It was a fabulous trip. Went to the U2 concert in Gelsenkirchen, Germany Aug. 3 and then toured the Rhine River on the 4th where I proposed and then had an incredible dinner at Brasserie 1806 that evening. On Wednesday morning, we took off to Lisbon, Portugal to celebrate my friend Duncan’s 4oth birthday with many of our best American and British friends. Our hotel was located at the St. George Castle at the beautiful Solar do Castelo. For five days, we explored Lisbon by boat, train and by foot. We traveled the coast in a 140 ft. triple mast sailboat as well as two 70ft motor yachts. Also got some great surfing in as well. No fishing, but did see a tremendous amount of mullet and small snapper as two marinas. Back to business with lots of trips planned in the near future. Redfishing will continue to improve into fall and winter months. Book your trip now and get in on the fun. See ya soon. Eric Holstman Click on an image to...

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Another great day at Redfish U.- 1/23/09

Guided Mr. Tom Crawford of Destin today in the Blackwater area. Found plenty of large trout first thing, then went to whack on the redfish as the water started moving. Found a group of nice redfish in two reliable areas. Quite a few fish around today but they were tough. All fish caught on Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads in camo. All fish...

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Redfish University!! A fine day. 1/22/09

Well, starting to get busy at Redfish U. again. Guided Tom (Flounderpounder) this morning in the Blackwater area. Met at 7am and carefully boarded the 21 Hewes Redfisher which was covered in a thin film of ice. There was also small icebergs in the canal from which we launched. It was cold!! Anyway, first spot, hammered fish. Redfish and trout. Went to some other productive areas and then came back to “A” once the water started moving again and continued to stick great fish. Ended up with 7 nice redfish and 12-15 very nice trout(1 4.5# trout and several 3#plus fish.) All fish caught on Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads in camo. All fish released, except 1 25″ Redfish and 2 medium...

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Florida Sportsman Magazine with Redfish University- December 31, 2008

Florida Sportsman Magazine contacted me to highlight the shallow water redfish secrets of NW Florida. There’s no photos with this report, but will be soon available in FL. Sportsman in the coming months. After a few wind and rain delays, we finally got our opportunity to hit the water yesterday. Armed with trusty, redfish master Brant Peacher as my co-angler, we set out into Blackwater with less than ideal conditions, but as always, we figured it out and produced some quality redfish.  After a carefully calculated milkrun dictated by tide and wind conditions, we found the redfish were going to be inconveniently difficult on this most important of outings. Cameras on a boat are sometimes a curse. A very recent, private and timely report from fellow PFF member and Redfish University graduate, Jeff Russell, clued me in on a classic shallow water flat near deeper water with large bottom lumps. This is a scenerio that held true in other areas as well. This was the ticket and thank you Jeff!! All redfish were caught on Berkley Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads in camo and 3″ Gulp! Shrimp in Lime Tiger rigged weedless. All redfish released. Anyway, I think this will be an excellent article and represent the sometimes forgotten Panhandle well. It will also show that redfish can be sightfished in NW Florida and that we have some fantastic areas to target them in very shallow water. *An interesting sidenote- After reviving and releasing one of the redfish, the fish swam about eight feet and stopped. Making sure that the redfish was okay, I flipped the same 3″ Gulp! Shrimp in front of him to urge him along and he inhaled it again. Not the first time that has happened, and I’m sure not the last. All the more reason to use Berkley Gulp! These fish are hungry if you can find...

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