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22 Pompano, redfish and trout at Redfish University-May 18, 2010

Guided Jim Tully and Dustin Martinson for some redfish, trout and pompano fishing. Started out early with some topwater in shallow water and scored some decent trout and some medium redfish. Fished a few more areas but the bite was pretty slow so we took off to the beach to find some pompano. The pompano were very cooperative and we found them on washouts and deeper drops in the surf-line. Very hot action from 930am-1200 on the rising tide. We had some nice strikes near the boat as well as fish followed the bait on a quick retrieve and we were able to drop the bait to the fish. Pretty cool opportunities! Ended up with 22 pompano in a few hour period with lots of annoying ladyfish mixed in. Today, the fish were caught on Skitterwalks and Berkley Gulp! Jerkshads in the morning and all pompano were taken on orange pompano jigs. 15 Pompano were kept by Jim, Dustin and myself. Thanks for the pompano fellas and see ya soon! Please click on an image to enlarge and view...

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7# Speckled Trout, 6.5# Redfish, bulls and pompano at Redfish University-April 2, 2010

Guided Mr. Billy Thigpen this morning. Billy is a regular client from Atlanta and is down for Easter. We started out early for some big speckled trout and did we find them!! Billy stuck a 7# trout at first light. We also hit some very nice redfish in the same areas including a nice 6.5 fish. After an hour of slaying the redfish and trout, we took off for the beach in search of pompano. Found some pompano concentrating around deeper holes. We also sightfished several large redfish in the surf while we searched for the pompano. All fish caught on Berkley Gulp! Jerkshads and pink/orange pompano jigs. Guiding Billy again tomorrow in the Maverick 17HPX in some very shallow water and we’ll be throwing at tailing and cruising redfish all morning long. Can’t wait! Please click an image to enlarge and view...

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Redfish and Speckled Trout but no Pompano(yet) at Redfish University-March 30, 2010

Guided Mr. Jim Tully and Mr. Dustin Martinson this morning. Jim and Dustin are regular clients, great anglers and lots of fun to fish with. Today, Jim and Dustin asked me to take them sight fishing for pompano. For a little bonus action, I offered them an hour or so targeting speckled trout before the sun got high. Both anglers stuck some trout including Jim’s 5# beast. At 800am, we took off for the pass. As we came around the point we found a school of redfish and stopped for some light tackle fun. Good thing we found them first before some other boats big motored through the fish. The redfish were fun but not what we were looking for. Spent 2 hours sight fishing a 3-4 mile stretch of beach. Jim actually had one pompano following his bait, but we only saw 5-6 confirmed pompano. What was also surprising, no redfish or drum to throw at either! With no possibility of pompano and after looking in some more unconventional areas, we were unfortunately left to hit the big redfish again. Stuck 4 or 5 more redfish and called it a morning. At Redfish University, pompano were promised. Jim and Dustin will be joined me for a pompano specific trip in the coming weeks when there are actually some pompano in the water. That’s how we roll! All fish taken on Gulp! Jerkshads rigged on my favorite Marsh Works jigheads. Also worth mentioning, these 15-25# redfish were taken on 6-10# InvisiBraid(pompano tackle) with a 10-15# fluoro leader. All fish cared for and released healthy. Please click an image to enlarge and view...

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Pompano Pre-fishing at Redfish University-March 4, 2010

With many pompano sight fishing trips in the coming weeks, especially in late March and early April, we got out this morning to do some looking around. Met my friend and website designer, Randy Hamilton, at 9am and headed towards the Pass. Slow-cruised the beach until we found an 1/8 mile stretch of relatively clean water and started looking. As predicted, we found some pompano relating to deeper holes and washouts. We saw 7 inactive pompano in a 45 minute period but well-placed casts couldn’t entice a bite. They acted like they didn’t even see our Gulp! Ghost Shrimp and orange/pink pompano jigs. Most fish seemed to be quality pompano in the 2-3# range and the numbers will improve drastically with warmer temps, warmer water and with any southerly winds. Soon, very...

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NEW! Redfish University now offers Pompano sight fishing! $350.00-February 28, 2010

Sight fishing for Pompano $350.00 for 6-7 hours!!(1-2 anglers) Redfish University now offers the incredible experience of sight fishing for pompano from March to June.  Test your sight fishing skills with light tackle or fly gear in the crystal-clear waters of the Gulf Coast’s most beautiful beaches. Pompano trips are from 8am-2pm at a rate of $350.00(1-2...

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