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Lots of legal and bull redfish at Redfish University-March 14, 2010

Guided Mr. Bill Cleek and family today. Bill and the fam are regular Spring break visitors from Houston and wanted to use their beautiful 22 Pathfinder to get familiar with the Pensacola area fishing. Met the crew at Shoreline Park at 830am and ran east in search of some redfish and trout action. Found minimal redfish and a few trout but nothing spectacular so I showed them some very productive areas they may want to try later in the week. Took a cruise back to the west. Instead of chancing the big redfish in the surf that have been unusually uncooperative lately, I introduced the Cleeks to a solid mixture of very plentiful and extremely cooperative redfish in the 8-20# range on some 3-6′ deep clear flats. Pulled up, lower the trolling motor and absolutely smashed them! All fish were easily caught sight fishing and it was thrilling seeing the group have such fun. With the Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads in camo we took as many fish as we could humanly handle. Lots of trips coming up so book now to experience the wonder of Redfish University. Photos to...

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Redfish University on a Saturday morning!-October 23, 2010

Redfish University NEVER guides on the weekends but for Redfish U. VIP’s, we make exceptions. Guided Dr. Edwin Yee, his son Jordan and friend Andy this morning in some northern areas of the bay system to find some redfish and speckled trout as well as to introduce them to some new areas to them that will be very, very productive in the coming weeks. Launched Edwin’s beautiful 22 Pathfinder/F150 Yamaha at first light and got to work. Full moon, high pressure, low/dead water made things difficult but not impossible. There was a real lack of mullet this morning but we found some redfish hanging on muddy banks to draw some topwater strikes. Very uncooperative fish today with only a few fish caught but we had some great strikes as well. With total home renovation in the process at the Holstman residence, I departed a little early to meet the interior designer and theater room specialist, and sent the crew a bit further south where I hear they found a few more redfish. Hopefully, this trip was extremely productive in a few other ways (locations, techniques and bait selections) because there wasn’t much rod bending this morning. The guys are still out there as I write so maybe as the water begins to move, things will improve. All fish released. Lots of trips again next week(full in fact) so look for more reports soon. Book now to experience the absolute best in inshore angling with Redfish...

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Plenty of redfish at Redfish University-September 14, 2010

Guided Mr. Chris Vail and Mr. Randy Hamilton this morning for some shallow water redfish and speckled trout. Met at the ramp at 530am and raced to some productive areas to the east. Started with topwaters and never changed baits all morning. Today, unlike yesterday, the bite was very steady and very often. We actually got more redfish than speckled trout which is highly unusual in these specific areas.  Found several redfish between 22-27″ all over the place(dropped 4-5 after hookup or near the boat(topwaters) and we produced some unbelievable surface strikes. You know how you see them wake like a torpedo and pound the living crap out of the bait? Like that. The guys also found some quality speckled trout in the same area but the real draw in this area is the redfish. Bad decision yesterday, great decision today regarding areas to fish. Doesn’t happen often but will happen nonetheless even with designated prefishing days! Most fish released but three perfect redfish made it in the cooler for the grill. Please click an image to enlarge and view...

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Redfish, Trout then shark fishing at Redfish University-September 6, 2010

Guided Kyle and Brett Lawrence this morning. The brothers were looking for some redfish and trout action in the early morning hours then some shark fishing during the last part of the trip. Started at 515am and ran way east in search of redfish and trout. We found the bite to be a little slow in some areas that are normally outstanding. Made an adjustment and really started hammering the speckled trout with some redfish mixed in. Some fish took the topwaters and some on the Berkley Gulp! Jerkshads. After the early morning action, we shot off to the beach to do some sightfishing for sharks. Got on the trolling motor on the east and west side of Pensacola Pass but only saw one shark that was not at all interested. Cruised back inside the bay and checked a few more shallow flats for cruising sharks. Nothing. We even found it difficult to scrape up a few ladyfish and bluefish. Ended up hitting an area where I knew there were sharks of all sizes although we weren’t going to see them. We found plenty of sharks and the runs were extremely consistent. Ended up boating 8-10 sharks between 2-5 feet. Lots of fun on light tackle and had some very large fish on the 4/0 rod only to drop the hook. All fish released today. Trips all week with a few openings next week. Book now to experience Redfish University!! Please click an image to enlarge and view...

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Quick topwater speckled trout trip at Redfish University-September 5, 2010

Guided Mr. Jim Stanford this morning for a very quick topwater trip. Started fishing at 545am and we were done at 900am in time for my traditional Sunday brunch at the Hilton. Lots of speckled trout and a handful of redfish were found in two very productive areas. Most of the trout were 16-22″ with some smaller ones mixed in. Also found a few oversized redfish in the shallows as well as a tarpon that just wouldn’t take a bait. All fish...

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