Guided Mr. and Mrs. Griffith this morning for some redfish and trout action. Phil commented early on the beautiful full moon setting and wondered if the bite was going to be difficult. My focus was to put them around as many fish as possible(a great full moon plan) and their job was to catch them. Both anglers were very impressive and caught multiple fish using a few proven techniques. Started out at first light and approached some great topwater banks to find them being pounded by 1-2′ chop. We tried the topwaters for a few minutes but I think the fish were pretty freaked out in the washing machine. Switched to Berkley Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads and began hammering fish. Plenty 0f 3-4# trout and Phil stuck the most perfect 27″ redfish I have seen in a while. Right at 27″ and 7.5#. He was thrilled! Changed locations to a more protected bank and found redfish and trout slicks everywhere. Stuck some more 3# trout and a few 4-5# redfish. Ended up making a very productive little milkrun and found fish nearly everywhere. Fished a bank I hadn’t visited in some time and absolutely smashed the redfish on a shallow sandy bottom. Lots of fun today and lots of action. All fish caught on Gulp! Jerkshads in camo and rootbeer rigged on Marsh Works jigheads. The Griffith took 3 Redfish and 8 big trout for a future cookout.

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