Guided Mr. Gary Register this morning. Hit the Sound early with some topwater baits and got redfish immediately. We also found some very nice trout as well. Overall, I found the Sound to be pretty slow with substantial boat traffic as a few boats were climbing all over some productive areas. Another reason I don’t fish the weekends and this happens when you fish everyday in a colorful wrapped boat!! Weird…. Thursday. Anyway, ran way east to find the big schools of redfish that have been sitting for a month or so and picked up a few more fish. Had the idea of hitting some areas in East Bay on the quickly falling tide. Back to the ramp at 845am and over to the bay.  No boats over there and lots and lots of fish!! Stuck some great redfish and trout as the water fell. We even ran up to Blackwater and hit some more redfish. You can cover a massive amount of water with the Yamaha SHO 250! At dead low, we sight fished a very shallow bank and found more redfish including a gigantic drum that inhaled a Gulp! Jerkshad. We were a little late on the video so it was about 10 seconds into the fight. We also had a decent opportunity at a 20# tarpon as we were targeting another redfish. Didn’t get the normal 15-25 redfish in the Sound but made a very good decision to go the bay this morning. I think I’ll stay in the bay for the rest of the year!! All released except 2 nice redfish and one trout for dinner. Book now to experience Redfish University.

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