The last few days has been pretty slow with high pressure conditions and falling temperatures. The fish are in their normal Winter areas but it’s just a bit difficult to get them to put their mouth on the bait. Each day, Redfish University guided an angler that is very new to inshore angling although both were experienced offshore anglers. Many find the inshore techniques extremely interesting, specifically, the very light 6# Ultracast, 12-15 fluoro, light jigheads and small bait. Introduced the clients to both speckled trout and redfish areas, techniques and popular baits. The speckled trout were more difficult than the redfish and found some fish in the 1.5-3# range with most being legal. Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads in camo rigged both on jigheads and light drop-shot rigs produced the most trout. We also found some small packs of redfish in shallow water as well as around schools of large mullet. Again, a few double hookups when one angler threw at hooked fish. The redfish ranged from 23-27.5″. Since both anglers were interested in sight fishing as well, we spent a fair amount of time looking on shallow flats for resting, cruising and tailing redfish. Fortunately, both days we found all three and stuck a few. More importantly, the anglers were educated on exactly what to look for in the form of wakes, rings and shallow activity. Also, the difference between waking mullet and waking redfish was demonstrated many times over. Overall, a very instructive and educational two days of fishing although the fish didn’t cooperate as well as we would have liked. It can always be better!! Each day, anglers took some fish for cookouts and the rest were released unharmed. Trips everyday and will report soon. Thanks, E Holstman
*Included the drop-shot rig as promised that I enjoy using.*
Been using the technique for bass then inshore species for nearly 25 years and I’m very confident with it. It’s a great system over mud and very grassy bottom. The drop-shot rig is made with 4-5′ of 12# fluorocarbon. Using a Palomar knot, I attach a #1-2 Owner straight or bass hook leaving 6-18″ of tag for the drop-shot 1/8oz weight. Make sure you bring the tag end through the top of the hook eye to make it point out and up. Rig your Jerkshads, Sand Eels or Swimming Mullet through the nose. There are many demonstrations on the internet. In tough conditions, it WILL produce more speckled trout and redfish.

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