Some really fantastic trips this week. The last few days I’ve been concentrating on the shallow water flats of Pensacola Bay and East Bay. Today’s overcast conditions gave us some incredible opportunities to throw topwater Bongos late into the morning. Although there was very little water movement, we found both legal and over-sized redfish in the 23-31″ range along shallow protected banks with lots of mullet and bait. We also picked up some great quality speckled trout as well. Lots and lots of speckled trout and we probably caught well over 50 fish today in the 14-23″ range. We alternated between the Bongos and Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads in camo and continued to hammer the redfish and trout all morning and even picked up a few flounder. Both groups graciously took only what they could eat in the next couple days and we released the rest to be caught at Redfish University in the future. A packed week of fishing next week for the Thanksgiving holidays so many more posts to come shortly. Thanks, E Holstman

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