Quite a few trips this past week. Last week’s fishing was outstanding with easy limits of both redfish and speckled trout in East Bay, Escambia Bay and Blackwater Bay. Early morning topwaters produced lots of fish as did Gulp! Jerkshads inside and outside large schools of mullet. Found more stripers in the same areas with most fish between 2-4#. Most schools of mullet to the north held a few redfish and Johnson 1/4oz. Gold Spoons were inhaled immediately upon arrival. This week, the fishing slowly tapered off with the cold-front conditions but we were still able to find decent numbers of redfish and trout in warmer, deeper water. Today was the most challenging day with very cold temps in the morning, high pressure and cloudless skies. Very few mullet and bait schools but the schools we found definitely held some quality redfish and trout.  A very slow presentation tricked some finicky fish but I wouldn’t say it was the normal hot action that we’re accustomed to. It should improve as the weather stabilizes and becomes more consistent. Lots of trips upcoming so I will give another report soon. Memory card malfunction in my camera but the photos are much like the last 30 Redfish U. trips. Thanks, E. Holstman