The hot fishing cooled off a bit over the last two days with the neap tide on Sunday and very little water movement early this morning. We really had to work for them and be patient but we managed to grab some decent catches of both redfish and speckled trout. My best advice under these conditions is to hit Spots A, B and C and stick it out. Lots of speckled trout although unlike last week, only about half our trout made the measurement. Still not too bad with over 30 trout per morning. The redfish proved even more difficult with only 2-5 per morning. Found redfish in the 23-29″ again but they were definitely not happy with the conditions. We scaled down baits and slowed our retrieves using mostly Gulp! 3″ Shrimp to catch both species. The  Sebile Bongos got tossed around by redfish and trout a few times but nothing found those sharp Owner hooks. The fishing will no doubt improve in the coming days and I very much look forward to it. All fish released except a few for dinner both days. Thanks, E Holstman

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