Had an emergency cancellation this morning at Redfish University, so I decided since I was already there, I’d might as well go fishing. My clients didn’t miss much and will be pleased that the fishing will be much better next week. Covered some water for a few hours and caught some decent fish but I really had to work for them. The fish were there(I know this because I could see them, smell them and see the puffs) but perhaps the neap tide had some influence on them although I never worry about fishing on neap tides. As demonstrated today, they will bite, you just have to make them bite. Ended up with 4 Redfish, some trout and another small striper all released and caught in a two hour period. All caught on Gulp! 3″ Shrimp rigged weedless with a rattle insert. Very, very, very, very slow taps, then almost deadstick.