Redfish University has really gained a reputation for excellence in the area of instructional/location-based/technique guided fishing trips. We are finding that many local and visiting anglers are taking advantage of this unparalleled and untapped resource.  The instructional curriculum at Redfish U. remains fluid and a work in progress, and always will, as each trip and angler will dictate levels of educational intensity. Also the fact that I, and every angler, should learn something new on each fishing outing, the curriculum continues to get even better.  Of course, we catch plenty of  the targeted species, but these excursions are centered around where to be, when to be there, what to look for and what these fish are biting. Guided Mr. Bob Simmons in the northern bay areas this morning to concentrate on redfish, speckled trout and even largemouth and striped bass areas of interest. I think Bob found it very interesting to catch a redfish, a trout and a bass in the same areas! Covered some great areas and showed Bob everything I know about inshore fishing from setup techniques, casting, knot-tying, bait selection, line selection, leader selection to shallow water, deeper water and even introduced the dreaded popping cork with which we actually scored some very nice fish. Anyway, a very fun trip before the rains and winds really kicked up. For those interested, there isn’t a better way more efficient way to learn target and species specific areas than by booking an instructional/location/techniques(I need a clever name for these guided trips!) guided trip at Redfish University! You”ll save the fee in fuel money in a few months!! Lots of instructional trips on the books so please plan ahead. No photos today, forgot my camera. Happy Fishing! Eric Holstman