Prefished for some upcoming trips at Redfish University with my friend Jeff Russell this morning over in East Bay. Didn’t find good concentrations of mullet but did find something better, small shrimp and crabs. Found that the fish were very comfortable lying on the bottom. I know this because we made several fan-casts in a usually very productive area and the fish were there but not feeding. Moved up and found lots of blowouts and muds. Changed plans and started to sightfish. Sightfishing would insure that I could get a bait on their noses. Found fish tailing, waking and was delighted by some very clear water and some fantastic visuals on artificial bait eating redfish. The fish were difficult because of the low, clear and cold water, but the Gulp 3″ Shrimp and small gold spoons did the trick. Extremely accurate casts and silence were a must! Found fish all over the slot, but lots of smaller fish.

All fish released.