Fished from 1000am-1130am this morning in the upper bay areas with friend and my web designer, Mr. Randy Hamilton. Lots of reschedules and recent bookings so I needed to take a look at some areas after this drastic weather change. Found dirty water and some very clean water. It was windy and cold but manageable. The water was low but not as low as normal with the water pouring out of the rivers. Went to the Marsh Works Big Poppy cork today with a Gulp! 4″ Shrimp in natural. Found some decent redfish and boated three fish pretty quickly. Also missed some heavy bites, so the fish are there, you just have to find them. Looked for some speckled trout to end the morning but came up empty. Lots of freshwater, a full moon and dropping temps may be the culprit but I expect the trout to be more aggressive in the coming days.