Quality anglers and quality redfish/speckled trout make for swimmingly productive mornings of pure fish-catching, fishing “shop-talk” and some simply incredible dialogue focused on inshore saltwater fishing. Since Redfish University attracts and is most popular with the cream of the crop in both saltwater and freshwater anglers from all over the country, often times the learning process is mutual. Each trip, I am amazed at the skill-level of most Redfish University clients, the willingness to adjust, trust and accept our local inshore fishing techniques and the vast knowledge and interesting techniques shared by my clients. Redfish University’s inshore redfish and speckled trout guides trips in the last few months have been nothing short of astonishing. A very consistent topwater bite in the early morning for both redfish and trout and then some excellent blind casting and sight fishing opportunities have highly entertained Redfish U clients from all over the country. All techniques and baits are producing some true trophy fish including several 4-6.5# speckled trout and redfish in the 22-32″ range with a #35 mammoth beast crushing a bait in very shallow water in recent days. With the extremely experienced and demanding anglers that Redfish University services, it’s incredibly important to keep plenty of quality inshore species within casting distance of our valued anglers. The last few days, we’ve found plenty of redfish and speckled trout in both clear and off-colored water. The recent rains and high winds have created some tricky situations in some areas but with the help of some clever tricks and ingenius techniques, these inshore sport species don’t stand a chance. As always, artificials baits(Berkley Gulp!, Sebile, Johnson Gold Spoons, Berkley Powerbait, etc.) WILL out-fish live bait everytime and everyday….. especially at Redfish University. Thanks again, E Holstman