We’ve been having some early morning thunderstorms for the last few days so the rescheduling tricks at Redfish University have begun during the very busy season. The fishing in Pensacola has been excellent for our specialties of redfish and speckled trout in shallow water. Early morning topwaters with Sebile Bonga Minnows has been as good as is gets!! Nearly every cast will produce a quality speckled trout in the 15-22″ range and there are plenty of 20-25″ redfish mixed in for some high quality entertainment. Concentrating on flats with huge amounts of mullet and bait is of the upmost importance as this is exactly where both the redfish and speckled trout want to congregate. These fish are both feeding on the smaller mullet and fish bait as well as picking up crustaceans, shrimp, small crabs, etc. in the turbulence behind the large school of bigger mullet. Topwaters from daylight to 730am and then over to the Gulp! Jerkshads and Johnson Spoons to clean up the rest. We’re also finding decent numbers of flounder smoking off the banks and can be easily caught if targeted directly. Fishing is absolutely fantastic right now. We have some trips packed together at the end of this week due to some weather delays and then more great action next week with an outstanding tide all week. Book now while limited days are still available. Thanks, E Holstman

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