Guided a few Texas college students in search of redfish, speckled trout and flounder. They also wanted to take some fish to Aegean Breeze for dinner tomorrow night and I knew just the place their requests could be accomplished. Started with some great speckled trout along the edges and deeper flats. Lots of trout in the 14-15″ range this time but it wasn’t long before we found the bigger fish and a really nice 22″ trout inside a school of mullet. Took off to an area known for numbers of flounder but only found one nice flounder with another dropping the hook. Next, it was off to the redfish. Our lady angler stuck a great 25″ redfish immediately but we really struggled to get more bites on a few passes. Slow water movement could have been the culprit but with the wind blowing hard, it’s difficult to say. Headed north to find the huge schools of legal speckled trout in deeper water but they just didn’t show for us today. Weird… they’ve been a sure thing for last few weeks. We found a few more stray trout and called it an evening. Much learn, much caught and a fabulous dinner is in store for our Texas anglers. All fish caught on the Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads and 3″ Shrimp in New Penny. Thanks, E Holstman

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