We’ve had a very stiff wind out of the southeast the last few days but the redfish and speckled trout don’t mind at all. During some periods, the winds approached 30-plus mph so boat positioning was definitely in focus and casting with the wind was a must. With the slow water conditions, some wind actually helps triggers a better bite during the neap tides and slow water so the more wind, the better. Fishing the Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads and Johnson 1/4oz Johnson Gold Spoons slowly also helps, along with being around some large numbers of both species. In addition, light 6# Ultracast InvisiBraid and 1/4oz jigheads made bite recognition much easier. It was VERY windy.

Yesterday and today, I guided some local Pensacola anglers in search of instructional, techniques and locations for Spring-time redfish and speckled trout. Both trips, we focused on wind-blown banks and covered banks to find great numbers. As long as we found nice concentrations of bait and mullet, we had no problem sticking great fish. Found redfish in the 22-29″ range and some speckled trout up to 22″. There’s really been some quality speckled trout around this early Spring as we’d expect. We also hooked some flounder but they never made it in the boat. Average catches for the last few days totaled 8-15 redfish and 15-30 speckled trout from 14-22″. Each day a limit of redfish and a few 16-18″ trout were taken for dinner. We encourage the larger trout to be release along with the larger 25-27″ redfish. Taking a few days off to get the new 2300 Pathfinder HPS tighten up and loaded. Thanks, E Holstman

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