Pensacola Fishing Charters at Redfish University. The guiding and instructional charters here at Redfish University targeting redfish, speckled trout and flounder over the last week has been outstanding. We’ve been guiding a huge number of very talented bass anglers and anglers looking for the best inshore instructional guiding on the Gulf Coast. Last weekend’s full moon and cold front conditions provided a challenge as the best action took place during the first few hours on the morning but we also delayed some of our instructional and fishing-catching trips until the late afternoon where we found better success with all species. Having a full understanding of our local waters, identifying difficult conditions and being on the water nearly everyday is what separates Redfish University from all other guide companies and keeps our clients returning year after year. Early last week, it was the Sebile Bongas and Stick Shadds that did most of the damage with the redfish and speckled trout. As the full moon and front approached, it was important to adjust baits and presentation accordly. Further, with the increased traffic from weekend warriors, fair-weather fisherman and even other charter-fishers in the area, it was beneficial to our clients to draw from some equally and even more productive and less pressured areas miles to the north and east. Although we arrive on location far before most anglers, many times these boats do not display the proper angling knowledge, technical approach and overall experience to keep the fish in place, much less catch them. It’s Summer!! As always, in exceptionally difficult conditions, Berkley Gulp! Jerkshads, Shrimp, Flats Worms and Sand Eels will catch the most fish in combination with a 12# fluorocarbon leader, long casts and presenting an easy target.

Speaking of Berkley Gulp!! One of the great things about being a long-time (12 years) Berkley Pro Staff member, is the opportunity to work very closely with the research and product development branches in Spirit Lake, Iowa of the world’s largest fishing company, Pure Fishing. After the whole Sportsman’s Challenge television show, The Redfish Cup and all the other promotional work we perform in the industry, consulting for Pure Fishing with WalMart and assisting in product development has become one of the most rewarding and stimulating aspects of my fishing career. Since the first of the year, Berkley has summoned several pro staff ambassadors including the Watts Brothers, George Gozdz, Ben Alderman, Artie Price, Jamie Goodwin and myself, to assist in the development of the all new Berkley Gulp! Jigheads. Why not match some awesome, quality jigheads with the best baits in the industry? Many have asked the same question over the past several years and Pure Fishing has responded. Berkley Gulp! has development the best quality jigheads on the market, provided a great selection of colors, hook sizes, appropriate weights and the keeper-neck is outstanding. The main focus was on hook gap, hook quality, paint quality and the use of the jighead with specific Berkley Gulp! baits. Go out and give them a try. We are very proud to use the Berkley Gulp! jigheads at Redfish University. You’ll see many new products very soon!
As always, and in any area, your potential fishing guide’s biography, resume, testimonials and reputation should all speak volumes. Experience, knowledge, professionalism and especially originality is everything!! Don’t be disappointed. Take care and see ya soon, E Holstman