Pensacola Fishing Charters at Redfish University. It’s hard to believe we’re at 45 trips for the year already and is only mid-March! Well ahead of schedule. The last few days have been full of huge speckled trout and mid-sized redfish in a wide variety of areas and water conditions. We’re actually finding great fishing to the north right now even though the water is still pretty dirty but bait selection and clever techniques is the key and why Redfish University is your best choice for shallow water redfish and speckled trout. Both days, we rarely caught speckled trout under 20″ with most in the 22-23″ and a few from 25-28″. The redfish have ranged from 22-24″ with the exception of a few in the 26-28″ range. Again, experience, knowledge and enhanced techniques will produce nice amounts of fish even in less than optimal conditions. No sheepshead either day, I am proud to announce. We’ll do a double booking tomorrow and then a morning instructional on Saturday as we’ve postponed our visit to Belize until next weekend. Everyday next week again so more reports to come shortly. Take care, E Holstman