Pensacola Fishing Charters at Redfish University June 1-3, 2013. The great inshore fishing in Pensacola Bay continues at Redfish University. Stayed in town last weekend and banged out a few short morning trips along with a fantastic instructional trip this morning. Covered a lot of very productive areas where the redfish and speckled trout have been plentiful, unpressured and where the mullet school are holding nicely. Sebile Bongas have provided some awesome topwater action and the bites continued well into the mid-morning with some welcomed cloud-cover. The great thing about Redfish University clients is all one really has to do is put some big numbers of fish in front of them and they do the rest. We’re always impressed by our huge number of bass anglers and never surprised that these great anglers choose Redfish University for their angling needs here in Pensacola, Florida. Lots of catch and release but we also took a pretty significant number of speckled trout and redfish for dinner. We’ll stay busy for the rest of the week, maybe the weekend and definitely next week. See everyone soon, E Holstman