For Pensacola Fishing Charters, Redfish University is the place to be!!Happy New Year and Redfish University starts with a bang!! We’ve jumped out to a very quick start for the first week of 2013 at Redfish University with two instructional trips, a bull redfish trip and some Pro Staff work. For our instructional trips on Wednesday and today, we concentrated on the redfish, speckled trout, flounder and stripers in the upper reaches of Escambia and East Bay as well as some local bayous in the Pensacola area. With the colder recent temperatures and falling water temperatures, we’ve focused mostly on Berkley Gulp! baits and lighter fluorocarbon leaders to produce incredible numbers of quality speckled trout and legal redfish while the flounder and stripers have been a bonus catch at the moment. A combination of proven techniques including the standard jighead and the drop-shot rig have kept rods bent. For the bull redfish on Thursday afternoon, we targeted these giants in shallow clear water in lower Pensacola Bay. The Berkley Gulp! 4″ Shrimp has continued to be the main course for these shallow cruising redfish. Each trip, a huge amount of speckled trout, legal redfish and bull redfish were release but an appropriate amount of fish were taken for dinner.
In March, we are excited to take delivery of the new 2013 Pathfinder 2300 HPS as well as an identical 2013 Pathfinder 2300 HPS a few months later just in time for the Associate Professor to handle the elementary and family-style trips for the remainder of the 2013 Redfish University fishing season. Redfish University will capture this market as well in 2013!! Of course, each Pathfinder will be powered by the incredible Yamaha Vmax SHO 250. The beauty of current year Pathfinders/Yamahas/AmeriTrail trailer at Redfish University each year means virtually zero maintenance, system failures and downtime throughout an extremely busy fishing season. We’re back Saturday and Sunday with two Redfish University instructional trips with some very excited local anglers. Looking forward to another epic year!! Only 297 Redfish U. trips to go. Thanks, E Holstman