Pensacola Fishing Charters at Redfish University. With all the volatile weather this week, we didn’t get in as many Redfish University instructional and guided trips as we would have liked. The Bass Pro Shops Spring Classic rush is always challenging near the beginning of a busy March and Spring season but we will sort a schedule for everyone, rest assured. The weather on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week was challenging, the water was still stained and the tide conditions were actually pitiful but we made the correct decisions to target the speckled trout and redfish in the north on Friday and then concentrate on the bull redfish near the Pass on the neap tides on the previous two days. Those big redfish will bite in all conditions!! For the species to the north, it was important to understand the water clarity, slow water movement and changing pressure. Ideally, we fished the cleanest water in the area away from the rivers but even in the some really questionable water, we produced bites from sluggish, blind speckled trout and redfish. In these conditions, Berkley Gulp! and Havocs with chartreuse jigheads and plastic worm rattle inserts increased our bite rate tremendously. For the big redfish down south, we also found the water to be a bit off-color but we were able to see plenty in water depths of four feet and shallower. We also found that launching the ledges proved very productive. The Berkley Gulp! 4″ Shrimp in Lime Tiger also equipped with worm rattles worked beautiful. This morning’s bull redfish trip with a couple celebrating their anniversary was postponed until warmer temperatures fall upon us. I’m happy they did, it was 37 degrees at takeoff time and I was very pleased to receive a text from them at 5am this morning from Destin! Hitting it very hard next week and then really looking forward to the Pure Fishing executives and regional reps trip the following Monday! 13 anglers and 4 boats! It’s going to be a fantastic time with our friends from Pure Fishing!! Take care, E Holstman