The week of the bass fisherman!! Redfish University ran some incredible Pensacola Fishing Charters and Instructional Charters over the last few days. The week was a bit challenging with spurts of inclimate weather but we managed to strategically pound out four great instructional trips and had to postpone one due to high winds and rain. The great thing about Redfish University instructional trips in the fact that our anglers are local(Mobile to Panama City) and can usually jump on an instructional guided trip in a moment’s notice and that was the name of the game this week. We mentioned bass anglers before; every group of anglers this week were recent transplants to the Pensacola and Destin area with all impressive backgrounds in bass fishing in the Southeast and up north. These guys just needed some areas and ideas!! For the two trips in Pensacola, we concentrated in local bayous for one trip and the other was a combination of a mid-bay and upper bay trips with several redfish and larger trout still being found areas that are typically outstanding in the Spring. For Wednesday’s and today’s Redfish U. instructional trips, we travelled to Destin, Florida to guide two new clients on Wednesday and a new client today that just purchased a new Hewes 18 Redfisher which was delightful to run today. In Destin we went shallow, very shallow. Before the sun got high on both mornings, we found the local bayous and the bayous up north to be pretty slow but as the sun rose, the very shallow flats in the 10-20″ of water came alive with redfish and large speckled trout. Some of the flats in Choct. Bay are absolutely full of redfish!! We used Johnson 1/4oz. Gold Spoons and Berkley Gulp! 5″ Jerkshads to pick them off both sight fished and blindcasted. It was a fantastic four days with some very talented and fun bass fisherman.
Redfish University’s clients will be incredibly pleased with this year’s Pure Fishing(Berkley, Penn, Sebile, Spiderwire, Abu Garcia) allotment order and we’ve added some new weapons to an already terrifying arsenal. We will introduce the Penn Regiment 7’0 rod to our clients in 2013 which will be matched with our normal Penn Conquer 4000 reels. We will also expand our use of the Penn Legion rods in all sizes. In addition, we will expand our Berkley Gulp! library with several new baits for 2013 and add some super baits from Berkley Havoc called the Grass Pig that has already made an impact at Redfish University. All of these items have been added to the website under the “The Boat and the Campus” as well as the new 2013 Pathfinder 2300 HPS. Beach volleyball and Sunday Brunch at the Pensacola Beach Hilton tomorrow and then a pretty full week of Redfish University instructional trips next week although I do have Tuesday and maybe Thursday open. If anyone wants those days, give me a jingle. Thanks again, E Holstman