Performed an enjoyable instructional Redfish University trip this morning with the Johnson duo from Navarre, FL. My favorite aspect of Redfish University in teaching kids all I know about fishing. One on one attention. Our focus was to introduce young Caleb to inshore saltwater fishing for redfish, speckled trout and flounder. Our young angler was extremely enthusiastic, very attentive, polite and kept calling me “sir”. Very polite of him but I said, “It’s Eric”, about ten times. Haha! Not used to that, I’m young! Great kid and his parents should be very proud.
While my instructional trips are flooded with detailed techniques, presentations, bait choices, areas, etc., it is also important to produce great numbers of fish so that the client can truely see that this great instruction, indeed, does work. May as well catch lots of fish while learning! Fog, slick conditions and slow water meant the bite was going to be tough. Standing on the bow side-by-side, I started Caleb out with some speckled trout. The guys found the light 6-8# Ultracast InvisiBraid fascinating and couldn’t believe the distance they were getting on their casts. One of the many lessons, long casts catch more fish! Later, we found a few redfish for Caleb and I know he enjoyed the more spirited fight from these shallow water redfish. Next was flounder and a Grand Slam for the man! Caleb’s first redfish, speckled trout and flounder. Mission accomplish and most importantly, he knows where, how and why he caught so many fish today. Oh, then he caught a pelican. We were also able to get Caleb very comfortable with topwater baits for when the Spring and Summer comes around but didn’t draw any bites on the Bongos today. We also struck out on the big redfish at the end of the morning. Here one day, gone the next, I guess. Anyway, more information than can probably be remembered but that’s what lengthy emails in the form of maps, recipes, bait/line/leader/knot choices, detailed equipment reviews and further information for the Spring and Summer are for. The Johnsons left with an impressive assortment of fish for a fishfry tonight. And again tomorrow, and again, and again, again. Thanks, E Holstman

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