The instructional sessions for redfish and speckled trout at Redfish University in Pensacola, Florida just keep on coming. Redfish University continues to be the only plausible instructional guide service on the Gulf Coast for anglers seeking the best in education, location and techniques for inshore saltwater fishing. The weather has been fabulous and the redfish/speckled trout production and instruction has been even better. Both Tuesdays and Wednesdays trips were focused on a wide range of techniques, baits and locations depending on tides, weather conditions, wind speed and water clarity. During both trips, we started fast and furious to secure quick limits of speckled trout, a few redfish and even some small 2-3# stripers for the cooler and then proceeded to cover multiple areas, techniques and even some Spring-time areas a bit further south to give our clients a headstart once the warmer weather arrives. Sometimes our clients can be overwhelmed with such a plethora of information but at Redfish University, our clients receive a complimentary set of detailed and labeled GoogleEarth maps of areas targeted as well as a listing of techniques covered and equipment used such as baits, line, fluoro, rods and reels, etc.
Each trip found several speckled trout and redfish in the cooler with over 50 speckled trout, a handful of over-sized redfish and a few stripers released properly. Looking forward to tomorrow’s easy bull redfish outing and then a solid schedule for next week including an instructional in Destin and S. Mobile Bay. Yep, we can do it all!! Thanks again, E Holstman