Hello all,

Redfish University took a little break back in December but has performed many shallow water redfish and trout trips between the New Years and now. We’ve been concentrating in the upper bays where there are plenty fish as well as some trips down to West Bay for the shallow water tailing redfish. I wouldn’t say it’s been busy but 1-3 trips per week is fine with me. A point worth mentioning, with the early morning low tides for the last few months, the redfish and trout fishing has definitely been better in the afternoons as the water is rising. 3-4 hours before the high has proved to be most production. An average trip has consisted of 15-35 trout from 1-4# and 6-20 redfish in the 20-25″ range. Lots of trips in the books in March, April, May and beyond so I will do a much better job of  posting reports in the coming weeks. Thanks for looking and see everyone soon. Eric Holstman