My dad and brother joined me today for my dad’s birthday trip. We got out around 10:30am for the last few hours of falling water before the low tide. I forgot what awesome anglers these guys are and I found myself trying to keep up! With a great tide and overcast conditions, we figured the fish would really be aggressive and they sure were. We targeted some sandy bottom shallow flats and found some very nice upper slot fish. Picked up solid redfish and some nice trout in three productive areas and closed it down after about two hours. The water was a little off color so I threw a Marsh Works Buzz Pop with a Gulp! Shrimp which produced some great redfish. My brother and dad stuck with the Gulp! 5″ Jerkys in camo rigged with an 1/8oz. Marsh Works Bull Red jighead and stuck the crap out of them. All fish released except for three that were taken for the grill. The cold weather this week should really improve the redfish’s attitude later this week.

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