Today was Day 3 of my speckled trout adventure with Greg Amos. We decided to stay local and find some more trout and then head out to the beach to look for some big redfish. Started the morning out with some decent trout but it was painfully slow after 8am. Pointed the Hewes Redfisher towards Pensacola Pass and went in search of redfish. We were met by 3-4′ rollers as the wind and tide were fighting so we turned around and went to find more trout. Stuck some more medium trout and got a redfish as well. Overall, a very slow day and we had to really work for our strikes. Changed baits, techniques and depth but not much was working. Under the difficult water conditions this week, we actually did pretty well and caught the trout and redfish that were in the various locations. I am proud to say that I guided Greg to his first sightfished redfish in West Bay yesterday and I hope he has years of fun stalking the shallow redfish in Tampa/Sarasota. Anyway, it was  three fun days of pretty difficult fishing but we managed about 40 or 50 trout of all sizes(1-4#) and some very nice quality redfish. Most fish caught on Gulp! Jerkshads in various colors as well as Berkley Swimmin’ Pogies in Lime Tiger. All plastics confidently rigged with Marsh Works bull red 1/4oz jigheads. No fish worthy of photography.