Redfish University has become Speckled Trout University for the last few weeks. Guided Bob and Lauren Taylor this morning for some big speckled trout. For speckled trout, I’ve always preferred the bays not the Sound. In my opinion, the presence of large croakers, pinfish, small mullet and even spots, draw larger speckled trout and redfish to our bay system’s sand and mud flats. Started at first light and ran to a great topwater flat in East Bay. Found very dirty water from bank erosion and yesterday’s rains. Caught a few nice trout in the 2-3# range with Bongos, Stack Shadds, Gulp! Jerkshads and popping corks. The corks really work great in the dirty, turbulent water. Again, around the large schools of mullet is always best. Took the crew to some deeper oyster structure and really found some nice trout. Berkley Gulp! Jerkshads in camo with a 1/4oz. Marsh Works jighead works awesome. Very slowly on the bottom is the key. Many smaller speckled and white trout were being inhaled by huge trout at the boat. One was a 28.5″ beauty! Moved around alot and ended the day along the rocks of Scenic Hwy where I have found that some very large speckled trout lay in the uneven bottom troughs. Lots of fish over 4# today. The Taylors kept 5 medium fish for tonight’s dinner and all others released healthy and happy. E Holstman.

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