Fished this morning with fellow PFF member Vinnie Spivey. On the water at first light(5am) and entered Santa Rosa Sound. A bit windy and choppy on the banks. Saw a few fish and 2 small schools, and ended up catching a decent fish with another coming unbuttoned. Lack of fish and difficult conditions so we trailered to Blackwater at 730am. Oh my, there’s not many redfish in Blackwater right now. Found the mullet and hooked three good redfish only to have them fall off again. Angler error and the angler was me!!! We never really got into good concentrations of fish and into a smooth groove. Did catch a small black drum on artificial. Fished as hard as humanly possible. We got to cover alot of water, some premium areas(usually) and many great techniques, so the day wasn’t a total waste. Because the day was so horrific, Vinnie and I will be fishing again in the coming weeks to redeem ourselves(especially me!!) free of charge. That’s how we roll.