Happy New Year!!

The fishing is fantastic with these cold temperatures although we have cancelled a few recent trips for a later(warmer) date due to unsafe and slippery conditions.

Got out this morning with buddy, Eric Michener, for some prefishing for an upcoming 3-Day multi-Gulf Coast location speckled trout adventure with a client from Sarasota. Greeted at the boatramp with frozen surface water in the bayou. It was very interested breaking the ice with the bow of my 21 Hewes Redfisher. Reminded me of the Deadliest Catch as they offload at St. Paul Island(but not as dangerous.) Although the banging on the prop and hull made me a little nervous. Found some very nice speckled trout including a few pushing four pounds. Basically, one after another in a small area. All fish released and mission accomplished locally. Next is Mobile and Panama City next week.

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