Great trips at Redfish University! Limits of both redfish and speckled trout coming quickly and the quality is excellent. Guided the Bakers yesterday who just bought a home on Blackwater Bay. They wanted to learn the area for the excellent Fall/Winter redfish and speckled fishing that is upcoming. Started at first light on the very top of the high tide. During slow or dead water conditions, I like to concentrate around the mouths of small rivers and especially around wind blown points in the immediate vicinity. These areas will have the most water movement and will hold not necessarily the most fish, but the most cooperative fish. The first few casts produced some very nice trout and a few great redfish. As the water started to move out, we found plenty of fish in the coves and sawgrass banks. With the high water, we found both species tight on the banks and of course, around large schools of mullet positioned just off the banks. Topwaters early and Gulp! Jerkshads in camo as the sun rose. The Bakers kept a few fish for dinner last night.

Today, I guided Brad Hasse in lower East Bay and found even more speckled trout and redfish. During this transitional weather and water temps, it seems the fish are still a bit spread out but great numbers are north and south. Started at first light with topwaters to produce huge numbers of speckled trout in the 2-4# range with a few redfish misses. Mullet, bait and slicks everywhere. After passing the area with topwaters, we can through the same area with Gulp! Jerkshads and 3″ Gulp! Shrimp to clean up the rest. Couldn’t count how many trout we caught. The best quality fish were found inside the schools of large mullet and they were rabid. With a limit of trout completed and the sun high, I had a special treat for Brad and went jetted off to a slick, wind protected bank in Escambia Bay. Again, we found huge amounts of mullet and bait in 1-3′ of very clear water. Paralleled the bank and found redfish sitting between the bank and the schools of mullet located about 30′ off the bank. Classic sight fishing session. Found the fish to be extremely receptive to a well-placed Gulp! Jerkshad. We also picked up redfish inside the mullet schools as we looked along the bank. Super morning of Redfish University fishing. Brad took a limit of speckled trout and redfish  for a cookout back home. E Holstman

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